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Management of the car park of your company - is the most optimal solution for your business!

If you have leased or own cars in your park, entrust its complete maintenance to professional team of "AzCar", which will release you from all concerns connected with maintenance and repair of your cars.

Fleet management provided by "AzCar" company includes the following:
Technical support of the car during 24 hours a day
Service maintenance
Vehicle insurance
Car replacement if necessary
Passing of scheduled and off-schedule Technical Inspection
Delivery of the car from/to your office

You will have a personal manager who will not simply undertake responsibility for your transport; we will allow you to be focused on a basic line of activity and to spare a time for your professional work and rest.
Management of a vehicle fleet
If your company has undertaken the tasks:
To form a new, or to replace an old vehicle fleet, at that to reduce the financial load connected with acquisition of new cars.
To increase vehicle fleet, for provision of your new employees with cars without prolonged waiting.
To provide operative replacement of the car in case of Technical Inspection or repair.
To avoid expenses for the maintenance of vehicle fleet, parking lots, maintenance staff, having optimized administrative resources.
To reduce number of employees in the staff list and the volume of document circulation.
To reduce taxable base.