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The company provides services AzCar car rental from year 2005. During this time, managed to win AzCar one of the leader companies in Azerbaijan. The successful development of our company lies in the fact that we have professional staff and a large selection of car classes, working with leading on for today's day in Azerbaijan insurance companies.
We provide a wide spectrum of services concerning the automotive market.
The client can rent a car with driver or without driver.
We can take care of transportation services big forums (business forums, sporting events and weddings, meetings, etc.).
We have an extensive fleet of modern vehicles of different classes, which are constantly updated. Today, car rental - it demanded service required by many people. It can benefit individuals in need of a safe means of transportation, and large organizations, firms, which is important prestige and security guarantees.
Since 2009, the year we provide rental strotelnoy equipment (trucks, cranes, ekskalatory, etc.).

Thank you for your interest in our company AzCar and look forward to seeing you among our customers!