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Long-term lease and rental fleet you can rent brand new cars, jeeps, pickups, buses, according to your needs and projects, with or without a driver.
As long as your project takes you will be free from such precious time consuming formalities like purchase of spare parts, servisobsluzhivanie cars, customs declaration, registration of vehicles and their sales.

AzCar is your cost effective solution to finance your fleet.
Invest your money in the core business;
Maximize your investment opportunities;
Do not pay the loans;
Stable monthly payments and easier budgeting;
Eliminate unforeseen expenses;
One account per month for all services;
Ease of administration.

AzCar Service provides efficient and easier maintenance:
The vehicle is kept in constant good condition;
Regular inspection by professional artists;
The original parts;
Replacement car during the service;
Ease of administration.

Replacing the tires:
Free replacement tires;
Every 50,000 km or every 12 months;
Winter tires.

Chauffeured Services:
Services of a driver from one day to three years;
Experienced and safe drivers;
Prolonged services of a driver;
Stable costs;
All administrative formalities.

Fuel supply:
Inclusion in an account with the rental car.