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We work with leading insurance companies in Azerbaijan, such as ATESHGAH, AXA MBASK, QARANT and others.
AzCar provides you with all of the insurance coverage that you need.

Protection against theft (total cost of the car);
Polnolnaya value of the vehicle from damage caused by the accident;
Private insurance;
Civil liability (25.000 AZN);
Ease of administration.

At the conclusion of the lease car renter makes a deposit, the amount of which depends on the class selected vehicle and tariff plan.
The deposit is a guarantee of compliance with the conditions of the lease agreement by Lessee and returned after the signing of the return of the car.

For prichenenny damage the car, the amount deducted from the deposit.

AzCar is not responsible for the following cases.

Renter's liability in the following cases:

1) In case of accident the Lessee is not in a sober state (alcohol, drugs);
2) In the case of an accident without a tenant the right to drive;
3) The transmission booster (car), without a warrant AzCar third party;
4) Moving or removing the vehicle from the accident scene without reporting, AzCar company or insurance company, as well as the Traffic Police (DYP);
5) When a gross violation of traffic rules, vehicle damage brought;
6) Operation of vehicle in case of technical problems.